Matjhabeng celebrates heritage day

A cultural fashion show and an exhibition by the local small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMME’s), with various genres of entertainments, was the way Matjhabeng Local Municipality celebrated Heritage day on Tuesday at the Goldfields Mall in Welkom.

The day was made possible for the second year by the Local Economic Development (LED) Department of Matjhabeng Local Municipality in partnership with the Goldfields Mall. “Our SMME’s have been complaining that their businesses are going under because of lack of exposure. During Heritage and Tourism month, our aim is to give a platform and necessary exposure to our local SMME’s.

“Every year we invite different local small business to come and exhibit their products in the mall. The festivities were opened with three local designers contributing their best African attire for a cultural fashion show.

“We would like to encourage Matjhabeng residents to get to know their local SMME’s, exchange numbers and support their local SMME’s before they support those from outside Matjhabeng,” explained Lebogang Kobue of the Matjhabeng local economic development (LED) department.

The marketing manager of the Goldfields Mall, Jo-Marie Tredoux, said the support from the community has significantly increased since last year’s exhibition. “I think this year everyone has a better understanding of what is expected of them and everyone is very eager to participate.

We live in a very culturally diverse city, and it is always a pleasure to celebrate our differences and get to know one another on a friendly and non-judgemental basis.” Local SMME’s exhibited their products at the Goldfields Mall until yesterday.

One of the invited SMME owners who participated in the exhibition, Alice Kgaje of Unique Designs, said it was a blessing to be part of this year’s Heritage celebrations.

“I didn’t even know the Municipality knew about my business. When they called to invite me, I was so surprised. I am very happy to have had my products on display and hope that this will attract enough attention in order for my business to grow.”