Meloding residents receive title deeds

A total of 19 elderly residents of Ward 7 in the Virginia township of Meloding are now proud owners of title deeds of the homes they occupy.

Last week, the executive mayor of the Matjhabeng Local Municipality, Sebenzile Ngangelizwe said 202 title deeds would be handed over in Meloding alone. The mayor said the elderly who had been neglected in the past will be the first to receive their title deeds.

“We have prioritised the elderly in this regard as they have been waiting for their title deeds for a while. With this project, we want the people of Meloding and the greater Matjhabeng to know that they are not forgotten. We know about their struggles with their homes and title deeds, but all this frustration will now be a thing of the past,” said Ngangelizwe.

He said it was important that the residents receive their title deeds when South Africa commemorates a century since the apartheid Land Act which prohibited black people from owning land was promulgated.

The remaining 183 title deeds, Ngangelizwe promised, will be delivered to the residents by the community liaison officers and the community development workers during the next two weeks.

Residents were reminded to bring their green barcoded identification documents to claim their title deeds. One of the recipients, 70-year-old Tankiso Anna Sekula said she was very grateful to finally be in possession of her title deed.

“I am happy and extremely grateful. I got divorced almost 20 years ago and I feared that my children might be kicked out of the house when I died because I had to take back my maiden name after the divorce was finalised.

“Even though I do not have a lot to leave them, I know that my soul will rest in peace knowing that they have a roof over their head,” said Sekula.

Sekula said she received her home last year before winter, and thought that was the best feeling in the world, but having received her title deed is the best by far.

“I don’t know how to describe it. I feel complete, like all the years of struggling and begging for a place to sleep has finally come to an end. I would like to thank the Matjhabeng Local Municipality for this great deed.”

Recipients were urged to keep their title deeds safely and not be tempted to trade or rent them out to anyone.