Virginia (Meloding)

Virginia is situated on the banks of the Sand River.


The town originated around the railway station which was named after the home town of 2 American railway surveyors, Virginia USA. The town was established in 1954 and became the 2nd largest town in the gold-field area within 3 years. The name was retained when the town mushroomed in the 1950’s following the discovery of gold. The farm name Merriespruit was given to a suburb of Virginia.On the 5 December 2000, Virginia was incorporated into the Matjhabeng Local Municipal


Virginia is surrounded by some of the largest gold fields in Free State, and mining, goldextraction plants, and the manufacture of sulfuric acid from gold ore dominate its economy. It is also known for having the deepest pipe-mine into the earth on the planet. Commercial farms in the surrounding area primarily grow maize (corn) and raise livestock.

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