To provide an efficient, cost effective Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services Department, that will provide a climate of positive growth, capital investment and social upliftment for the community at large.


To plan, construct and maintain the electrical distribution networks and infrastructures as to ensure a safe , effective and affordable electrical energy supply to the community of the Matjhabeng Municipality

Core Functions

Electricity Engineering Services 

  • Administration and strategic planning
  • Distribution low and medium voltage
  • Distribution High voltage (132kV)
  • Street lights
  • Electrical work shop
  • Revenue protection

Distribution Area

The licensed electrical distribution area of the Matjhabeng Electricity consist of the following Towns:

  • Welkom
  • Virginia
  • Odendaalsrus
  • Hennenman
  • Ventersburg
  • Allanridge

General Electricity Safety Tips 

  • Always isolate the supply when attempting repairs on electrical equipment-remove the plugs and put it next to you. This will prevent someone accidentally switching it on and cause you injury.
  • As the responsible person in the house, you are to ensure that all electrical repairs or extensions to an existing installation is carried out by a qualified person to comply with law and general safety requirements.
  • If you have small children in the house, it is good practice to install dummy plug tops on all wall mounted power outlet points. This will prevent children from putting their fingers or objects in to wall mounted power outlet points.
  • Never try to extinguish a fire caused by a faulty electrical appliance by throwing water on it while the power is still on. First always unplug or switch off the power at the main switch, and use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.

Area of Supply

The Matjhabeng electrical consumer base constitutes of the following:

The Matjhabeng Consumer Profile can be indicated as per pie charts as follows:


Electrical Consumption

The electrical consumption for the Matjhabeng Licensing Area as per kWh consumption for the past five (5) years can be indicated as follows:

Free Basic Electricity

Free Basic Electricity of 50kWh per month was provided by the Matjhabeng Municipality to 18,430 Indigent House Holds in the Municipal Area.

Electricity Street Lighting

The Matjhabeng Streetlight Infrastructure constitutes of the following in the different regions:

ITEM  ITEM DESCRIPTION  Quantities in the different regions: Total
East West Quantities
1 Streetlight 80W MV   2530 2530
2 Streetlight 125W MV 2699 5220 7919
3 Streetlight 250W MV   3472 3472
4 Streetlight 400W MV   15 15
5 Streetlight 70W HPS   247 247
6 Streetlight 100W HPS     0
7 Streetlight 150W HPS     0
8 Streetlight 250W HPS 1119 2790 3909
9 Streetlight 400W HPS 162 468 630
10 400W HPS High Mast Lights 20 42 62
11 1000W HPS High Mast Lights 75 172 247
  Total 4075 14956 19031